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The ESAIAS Principle: Accountability

The ESAIAS Principle:


When you go to church, do you ever leave feeling like you didn't get anything out of it - like you were just going through the motions by going?

Ask yourself this - What can you take to CONTRIBUTE to the church service so that you can receive something out of it? Let me help you:


Accountability is the state of being accountable, liable, or answerable to someone. You must take responsibility for your own spiritual growth. You can't hold anyone else accountable for your growth - not even your pastor.

In this session, Katherine gives you three ways to exercise accountability and take responsibility for your own spiritual growth.


Watch now!

After you watch the teaching, complete the Attendance Activity below and take time to meditate what you have heard in the privacy of your own heart. 

Attendance Activity

In the Privacy of Your Own Heart...

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