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Setting You Up..., Part 2

Setting You Up..., Part 2: 

What Will It Take for You to Believe?

"Unbelievers" - Not just a name for people who have not invited Jesus to live in their hearts. Did you know that Christians can be unbelievers, too? It's true!

While the Believer is someone who receives God's Word as Truth, an Unbeliever is someone who doesn't receive the Word as truth but could be convinced to do so.

In this video, we look at two groups of people - both personally chosen by God. Yet they were unbelievers - at first. Learn what it took for them to become believers.

If you find yourself in the position of an unbeliever today as you watch this video, ask yourself, "What will it take for me to believe?" 

After you watch the teaching, complete the Attendance Activity below and take time to meditate what you have heard in the privacy of your own heart. 

Attendance Activity

In the Privacy of Your Own Heart...

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