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Building Our Foundation, Part 3

Teaching with YOU in Mind

Building Our Foundation, Part 3: 

Teaching with YOU in Mind

As we build Discipleship Way together, we are casting away stones of suspicion, confusion, and uncertainty that would keep us from entering in wholeheartedly and gathering stones of unity, trust, and alignment that will allow us to go deeper and higher together. In our last session, I introduced myself to you, communicating my heart for God and for you as a way of initiating a trust relationship. Now that I've introduced myself to you, would like to tell you about my teaching style - how I operate - so we can unite our expectations, come into alignment with each other, and get the most out of our time together.

After you watch the teaching, complete the Attendance Activity below and take time to meditate what you have heard in the privacy of your own heart. 

Attendance Activity

In the Privacy of Your Own Heart...

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