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Lesson 1

Building Our Foundation, Part 1: 

Casting Stones Away and Gathering Stones Together

A building is only as strong as its foundation. Why? Because the substance that is in the foundation is the same substance that is in the building. Ecclesiastes 3:5a tells us that there is a time to cast away stones and a time to gather stones together. In other words, there is a time to get intentional about sorting things out.

There is a time to get rid of stuff that we do not want to include in our foundation and a time to harvest or gather the things that we do want to include.

As we (that includes you!) build the foundation of Discipleship Way, let's discard stones such as suspicion, uncertainty, and confusion, and include stones such as trust, transparency, and alignment. You with me? Great! Enjoy the lesson! 

After you watch the teaching, complete the Attendance Activity below and take time to meditate what you have heard in the privacy of your own heart. 


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